1st Annual Family Hunter Pace

October 4, 2009

Finish Times

Division A: Optimum Time was 45:00 minutes.

Time, Place, Team Name, Rider, Horse

+3:22, 1, Sexy Speeders, Cyndi Nixon, Nisr

+3:22, 1, Sexy Speeders, Lisa Bonacquisti, Teagan

+6:51, 2, Battenkill Babes, Bobbi McDonough, Battenkill's Fenway

+6:51, 2, Battenkill Babes, Jordan Werner, Battenkill's Archeval

+7:12, 3, Galloping Gals, Karrie Holbrook, Hunter

+7:12, 3, Galloping Gals, Linda Budz, Blue

+9:03, 4, The Anomalies, Sharon Danielson, Tang

+9:03, 4, The Anomalies, Jennifer Margosian, Chip

-12:00, 5, Recycled Racehorses, Katherine Rockwell, Sports Pass

-12:00, 5, Recycled Racehorses, Madeline Rockwell, Prince Skeet

-12:00, 5, Recycled Racehorses, Carol Kane Neilson, Birch

+16:32, 6, The Doc Jocks, Stuart DuBoff, Captain

+16:32, 6, The Doc Jocks, Nick LaRuso, Arrow

+16:52, 7, Off We Go!, Alice Ryan, Mani Fra Saltvik

+16:52, 7, Off We Go!, Robin McGrath, Toppy

Division B: Optimum Time was 1:09:41 minutes.

+1:51, 1, Green Girls Go, Tara Lowary, Tully

+1:51, 1, Green Girls Go, Bailey Michaels, Magic

+1:51, 1, Green Girls Go, Jaime Murphy, Job's Eyes

+1:51, 1, Green Girls Go, Robin Tichnor, Jitterbug

+2:00, 2, Case In Point, Shirley Casey, Deputy Duece

+2:00, 2, Case In Point, David Casey, Deck Em Gold

+3:08, 3, In Good Company, Heather Waite, Miss Libery Bell

+3:08, 3, In Good Company, Kiersten Wright, Jim Dandy

+3:36, 4, Red Mountain Riders, Beatrice Smith, Lizzy

+3:36, 4, Red Mountain Riders, Jeanne Silkworth, Red Mountain Thunder

+3:36, 4, Red Mountain Riders, Amanda Pratt

+3:36, 4, Red Mountain Riders, Brady McGarry, Punky

+4:08, 5, Cobble Hill Riders, Katie Wolfgang, Blaze

+4:08, 5, Cobble Hill Riders, Julia Burdick, Hercules

+4:08, 5, Cobble Hill Riders, Audria Greenwald, Bradley

+5:31, 6, Wayne's Angels, Wayne Kant, Spanner

+5:31, 6, Wayne's Angels, Jackie Czub, Chica

+5:31, 6, Wayne's Angels, Rachel Czub, Juanita

+5:31, 6, Wayne's Angels, Kaylee Maynard, Casper

+6:50, 7, Foxy Sisters, Marlene Bottesi, Foxy

+6:50, 7, Foxy Sisters, Elizabeth Wall, Twisted Sister

+7:14, 8, Team Hand Farm, Sarah Begley, Diego

+7:14, 8, Team Hand Farm, Gail Todd, Tess

+7:14, 8, Team Hand Farm, Kelly Todd, Renegade

+12:55, 9, ObieDun Surprise Gang, Bobbi McDonough, Obelisque Arionne

+12:55, 9, ObieDun Surprise Gang, Terri Sweet, My Daddy's a Dun Too

+12:55, 9, ObieDun Surprise Gang, Perry Sweet, Surprise

+12:58, 10, The Irish Morgans, Julia Reynolds, Spencer

+12:58, 10, The Irish Morgans, Valerie Reynolds, Kennebec Copper

Division A Winners

The Sexy Speeders
Lisa Bonacquisti and Cynthia Nixon

Time 48:22

Division B Winners

Green Girls Go
Jaime Murphy, Bailey Michaels, Tara Lowary,
(not pictured) Robin Tichnor

Time 1:11:32

The Margaret Pennebaker Sportsmanship Award Winners

Presented by
Patty Pennebaker-Rutins and Bill Pennebaker to
Elizabeth Wall and Marlene Bottesi

Junior Award
was presented to
Audria Greenwald and Julia Burdick.

Thank You!
To Trumbull Mountain for letting us ressurect the Hunter Pace. To Edie & Reggie Tschorn, Patty & Eric Rutins and her father Bill Pennebaker for handling logistics and timing. Our course watchers Willene, Angel, Melissa, Jodi, Ann, Kit, Katie, Nancy, Joanne, Gabbie and Andy. Our concession was cheerfully managed by Lorraine, Greer and Tim. Special thank you to Nancy Nash for undaunted announcing without her glasses and managing difficult names!, Sheli DuBoff. To our secretarys Beth and Kerry. Our parking trio of Sarah, Dave and Rob. And most especially the Bennington Rescue Squad who thankfully only had one emergency. A special thank you to Lucy McNulty and Creature's Corner News for publishing our advertising and ClearBrook Farms for providing the mums to make our jumps more colorful.

Thank you to all the riders who participated.
We hope you had a great time and hope to see you at our next VTT event.