2nd Annual Family Hunter Pace

October 2, 2010

Finish Times

Division A: Optimum Time was 1h:53m.

Time, Place, Team Name, Rider, Horse

1:61, 1, Trottin Trio, Amber Lettre, Midnight Symphony
1:61, 1, Trottin Trio, Sarah Hurlbut, Dress Code
1:61, 1, Trottin Trio, Lisa DeMayo, Cadence
Trottin Trio, Bobbi McDonough, Safari
1:37, 2, Blondes Have More Fun, Lisa Bonacquisti, Nisr
1:37, 2, Blondes Have More Fun, Lily Becker, Spot
1:31, 3, Diamond W, Ted Walawender, Double Dad
1:31, 3, Diamond W, Julie Walawender, My Little Man
1:26, 4, Opposite Ends, Ashley Chapin, Dixie
1:26, 4, Opposite Ends, Robin McGrath, Toppy
1:24, 5, The Odd Couple, Jennifer Breslin, Three Times the Charm
1:24, 5, The Odd Couple, Rose Nixon, Star
1:22, 6, Speed Demons, Tara Lowary, Regen
1:22, 6, Speed Demons, Taylor Cameron, Luke
1:22, 6, Speed Demons, Morgan Howlett, Sara
1:22, 6, Speed Demons, Hannah Patterson, JT
1:21, 7, Krazy Ladies, Karrie Holbrook, Hunter
1:21, 7, Krazy Ladies, Julia Burdick, Reno
1:21, 7, Krazy Ladies, Audria Greenwald, Bradley
1:21, 7, Krazy Ladies, Katherine Roome

1:12, 8, Recycled Racehorses, Katherine Rockwell, Zip's Affair
1:12, 8, Recycled Racehorses, Madeline Rockwell, Prince Skeet
1:01, 9, HHF Recycling, Carol Kane Neilson, Birch
1:01, 9, HHF Recycling, Fiona Farrell, Scout

Division B: Placement according to median times.

2:16, 1, Cobble Cavaliers, Laura Kobrin, Lionheart's MacBeth
2:16, 1, Cobble Cavaliers, Katie Wolfgang, Blaze
2:13, 2, Team Hand Farm, Gail Todd, Tess
2:13, 2, Team Hand Farm, Kelly Todd, Renegade
2:11, 3, Mama Me, Jennifer Thornton, Slim
2:11, 3, Mama Me, Annie Thornton, Honey
2:08, 4, Guys n Dolls, Ken Norman, Master Tony Valdez
2:08, 4, Guys n Dolls, Carina Kieper, Fruhling
2:08, 4, Guys n Dolls, Kiki McShane, Rohan
2:08, 4, Guys n Dolls, Taylor Harris, Merryelle
2:25, 5, Red Mountain Riders, Jeanne Silkworth, Red Mtn. Thunder
2:25, 5, Red Mountain Riders, Bea Smith, Ginny
2:25, 5, Red Mountain Riders, Hannah Smith, Lizzie
2:30, 6, Nim Rummy, Michelle Wright, Nim
2:30, 6, Nim Rummy, Barbara Meunch, Rummy
2:31, 7, Haflinger Express, Paige Williams, Celtic Rose
2:31, 7, Haflinger Express, Julie Williams, Mocha Chip
2:35, 8, The Heavenly Haffies, Kathleen Dunn, Piper
2:35, 8, The Heavenly Haffies, Dennis Dunn, Blue
2:35, 8, The Heavenly Haffies, Gayle Kulick, Whinnie
1:58, 9, Roo's Rockets, Eli-Anita Norman, Royally Convinced "Roo"
1:58, 9, Roo's Rockets, Julia Arvin, Valkyria
1:58, 9, Roo's Rockets, Anastasia Arvin-DeBlasio, Cookie
1:54, 10, Blind Date, Heather Waite, Rosanova
1:54, 10, Blind Date, Sara Ineson, Hobette

Division A Winners

Trottin Trio
Amber Lettre, Sarah Hurlbut, Lisa DeMayo & Bobbi McDonough

Division B Winners
Cobble Cavaliers
Laura Kobrin & Katie Wolfgang

The Margaret Pennebaker Sportsmanship Award Winner

Presented by
Kelley Rich to Tara Lowary for valiantly riding 2 Divisions to make sure all her students had a chance to ride and providing support along the way.

Thank You!
To Pullman Farm for allowing the use of their beautiful farm. To Edie & Reggie Tschorn, Patty & Eric Rutins, Bill Pennebaker, and Cathy Kocsis for handling logistics and timing. Our course watchers Jodi, Ann, Whitney, Chris, Shannon, Dave, Anja, Val, Rebecca, Mr. & Mrs. Frantz, Sandy, Jane, Nancy, Joanne, Gabby and Andy. Our concession was cheerfully managed by Lorraine, Greer and Tim. Special thank you to Craig Bottesi for his entertaining announcing and keeping everyone in and on time. To our secretarys Kim, Willene and Kelley. Our parking trio of Sara, Dave and Marlene. And most especially the Bennington Rescue Squad who had one sprained ankle to contend with. Thank you to Lucy McNulty and Creature's Corner News for publishing our advertising and Greg Nesbit Photography for taking such wonderful photos of our riders and staff. Also, a very special Thank You to artist, Lucy McNulty for the incredible VTT Photo jump she painted for us. The riders loved it, even if the horses all gave it the hairy eyeball!

Thank you to all the riders who participated.
We hope you had a great time and hope to see you at our next VTT event.