4th Annual Family Hunter Pace

October 6, 2012

Division A Winners
High Water Riders
Janine Jeffers and Robin McGrath
Winners of the "Edie Award"
Division B Winners
Silver Moon Glow
Jennifer Jackson and Susan Ross
The Margaret Pennebaker Sportsmanship Award Winner
Presented to Shelby Lawrence
Finish Times

Division A: Optimum Time was 1:45:00.

Place, Team Name, Rider, Time

1st - High Water Riders, Janine Jeffers, 1:45:15
1st - High Water Riders, Robin McGrath, 1:45:15
2nd - The Enchanted Unicorns, Audria Greenwald, 1:44:02

2nd - The Enchanted Unicorns, Julia Burdick, 1:44:02
2nd - The Enchanted Unicorns, Sydney Johnson, 1:44:02

3rd - Monsterís Inc., Rose Nixon, 1:42:33

3rd - Monsterís Inc., Jen Breslin, 1:42:33
3rd - Monsterís Inc., Amanda Repka, 1:42:33

4th - Anomolies, Jennifer Margosian, 1:41:06
4th - Anomolies, Sharon Danielson, 1:41:06
5th - Tuck Jerky LO, Jessi Milestone, 1:52:13

5th - Tuck Jerky LO, Anne Peck, 1:52:13
5th - Tuck Jerky LO, Piper Campbell, 1:52:13

6th - Table for One, Linda Smith, 1:37:13
7th - Vertical Farm Kiersten Wright, 1:54:13

7th - Vertical Farm Jeff Vroman, 1:54:13
7th - Vertical Farm Joanne Larrow, 1:54:13

8th - Some Assembly Required, Katie Wolfgang, 1:34:26
8th - Some Assembly Required, Laura Kobrin, 1:34:26
9th - KB Riding, Holly Fisher, 1:33:43

9th - KB Riding, Grace Smith, 1:33:43
9th - KB Riding, Brandi LaFontaine, 1:33:43

10th - Eventually Sara Screamed Eureka, Hannah Patterson, 1:56:26

10th - Eventually Sara Screamed Eureka, Morgan Howlett, 1:56:26
10th - Eventually Sara Screamed Eureka, Kim Davis, 1:56:26
10th - Eventually Sara Screamed Eureka, Miranda Richardson, 1:56:26

11th - Team Pipe Dream, Shelby Lawrence, 1:57:12

11th - Team Pipe Dream, Brittany Lawley, 1:57:12
11th - Team Pipe Dream, Kim Westby, 1:57:12

12th - AT and T, Tara Lowary , 2:00:23
12th - AT and T, Taylor Cameron, 2:00:23
12th - AT and T, Arianna Stetson, 2:00:23

Division B: Optimum Time was 2:15:00.

Place, Team Name, Rider, Time
1st - Silver Moon Glow, Jennifer Jackson, 2:21:18
1st - Silver Moon Glow, Susan Ross, 2:21:18
2nd - Trottin Trio, Amber Lettre, 2:03:20
2nd - Trottin Trio, Cindy Olansky, 2:03:20
2nd - Trottin Trio, Leah Olansky, 2:03:20
3rd - Westwind Farms, Jackie Czub , 2:02:25
3rd - Westwind Farms, James Czub, 2:02:25
4th - Red Mountain Riders, Jeanne Silkworth, 2:01:05
4th - Red Mountain Riders, Camille Pohl , 2:01:05
4th - Red Mountain Riders, Beatrice Smith, 2:01:05
4th - Red Mountain Riders, Hannah Smith, 2:01:05
5th - Angry Nerds, Pat Nixon, 2:30:43
5th - Angry Nerds, Aiden Mulholland, 2:30:43
5th - Angry Nerds, Tara Green, 2:30:43
6th - Glebe Mountain, Andrea Conrad, 2:32:55
6th - Glebe Mountain, Sara Crosier , 2:32:55
6th - Glebe Mountain, Anabel Perra , 2:32:55
7th - Saddle Tramps, Kelly Todd, 1:38:00
7th - Saddle Tramps, Melissa Tibbo, 1:38:00
7th - Saddle Tramps, Sarah Begley, 1:38:00

Thank You!
To Pullman Farm for allowing the use of their beautiful farm as well as neighboring landowners Potter Montgomery Farm LLC - Mike Brand,
Sean Shanney, James Downey, Steve & Lixia Ellis and Joan & Bernard McKeon. To Reggie Tschorn our vet. Cathy Kocsis and Jane Norrie for handling logistics and timing. Our course watchers Dave, Val, Rebecca, Lorraine, Anja, Marlene, Kathleen, Joanne, Gabby, Willene, Nancy, Patty, Dave, Robbie and Craig. Our concession was cheerfully managed by the local 4-H Green Mountain Gallopers. Thank you to Collins Sennett for her entertaining announcing and keeping everyone in and on time. To our secretarys Kim, Kathy and Kelley. Our parking maven Sara. And most especially Jeannette Loosee for her EMT skills (which thankfully weren't used). Thank you to Lucy McNulty and Creature's Corner News for publishing our advertising and painting our "photo fence" and Greg Nesbit Photography for taking such wonderful photos of our riders. Thank you to Whitman's Feed Store for donating a gift certificate.

Thank you to all the riders who participated.
We hope you had a great time and look forward to seeing you at our next VTT event.

Edie's Obituary