Mounted Obstacle Clinic
with Tyler Burgess

July 17, 2011

The VTT sponsored Mounted Obstacle Clinic with horsemanship professional Tyler Burgess was a great success. Twelve riders of various age, riding level and horses of the same, came together to learn and challenge themselves for the day. Tyler started the day off with ground work and moved everybody up into the saddle to assess horse and riders communication ability. Throughout the day each pair was presented with BIG bouncy balls, dragging tarps, flags, oncoming traffic, bridges, plastic cows, "noodlecity", and crinkly water bottles. Some horses did better with some obstacles than others and it was through team work that those who could, helped provide examples for those that didn't want to. By the end of the day, everybody was helping each other and having a great time while Tyler provided practical information, support and a solid foundation to each rider for future improvement.

We would like to thank Edie Tschorn for the use of her facility and to the following riders for making this a clinic to remember:
Willene, Lorraine, Edie, Wren, Kathleen, Tom, Sarah, Jane, Anya, Dennis, Joanne, Heather, and Linda.
Thank you to Tyler Burgess for his skillfull and sometimes humorous approach to obstacle training.

Thank You to All Our Participants!