Trail Obstacle Competition

October 5, 2013

Youth Division Winner
Piper Campbell on JT
Adult Division Winner
Katlynn Lamaire on Micque
In Order of Finish

Youth Division

Place, Rider

1st - Piper Campbell on JT

2nd - Anne Peck on Max

3rd - Stephanie Stowell on Duke

4th - Taylor Deery on Louie

5th - Arianna Stetson on Luke

6th - Ali Burdick on Blueberry

Adult Division

Place, Rider
1st - Katlynn Lamaire on Micque

2nd - Brandi LaFontaine on Romeo

3rd - Tara Lowary on Tully

4th - Robin Tichnor on Duke

5th - Jessi Milestone on Rocky

6th - Dave Senecal on Strider

7th - Brian Campion on Eureka

Thank You!
To Pullman Farm for allowing the use of their beautiful farmOur concession was cheerfully managed by the local 4-H Green Mountain Gallopers. Thank you to Jen Baker our judge. Our obstacle resetters, Cathy, Marlene, and Lorraine. To Joanne and Willene for managing the goats (Willie and Nelson), our secretaries Kelley and Michelle and especially Jan who showed us how to set up a challenging, yet fun course. Thank you Gabby for taking some great pictures for us.

Thank you to all the riders who participated.
We hope you had a great time and look forward to seeing you at our next VTT event.