Trail Obstacle Competition

August 6, 2016

Trail Obstacle Competition Placements
1st Julie Williams riding Celtic Rose
2nd Debbie Mull aboard Simon
3rd Jerilyn Jacobs on "Tana"
4th Melissa Ellis on
Steepway Cosmo Girl
5th Nancy Hayden aboard Charlie
6th Joan Sackman on Calamity Jane
7th Ashley Monroe on Kona
8th Jeannie Cook on Badger
9th Marygrace Parker
on Don't Be A Sally
10th Catherine Demick on Bhizzy
Junior Division
1st Katielynn Evans and Simon
2nd Kendra Davis on Dakota
3rd Paige Cormie aboard Duke
4th Jesse Steidle on Slick
The Pre-Competition Clinic gave everybody a chance to work their horses around each obstacle.
Jack in the Box!
Teresa Friol and Rocky.
Rebecca Spofford and Black Jack.
Jackie Pierce and her OTTB Victor.
VTT Members Lorraine Thurber,
Flo Kibbe and Roo!
Gators didn't bother True Blue Leaguer.
Barbara Murray and True Blue Leaguer and
Kelly Capello with Tonka.
Jack was no worry for Kristina Mann and Misty.
Employing the buddy system. Things are
much less scary when you have a friend!
Thank you to everybody who participated in our clinic, competition and trail ride afterwards. Additional thanks goes to: 4H for great food once again! VTT members Jan Lingner who judged as well as manual labor; our set up and take down crew of Willene, Lorraine, Flo, Kelley, Jo, Abby, Isabelle, Andy, and especiallyTaylor and Tristan for providing the much needed muscle!
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