About Us

Our Mission
Vermont Trail Trotters shall encourage public interest and support for the preservation,
development and the enhancement of equestrian trails in the state of Vermont.

Join us in our quest to further riding opportunities and preserve our environment for generations to come.

VTT operates as a 501(3)(c) non-profit.

How VTT Started

In 2007 a small group of riding enthusiasts were discussing the loss of existing trails to ride on in the state of Vermont. Not realizing that public trails were unavailable for equestrian use and suitable private land was decreasing due to dwindling farms, private land owners not allowing riding on their property and housing developments that were slowly eking away at good trail riding opportunities we sought out public lands. Through word of mouth we found the Equine Land Conservation Resource Association and with their help developed a strategy for acquiring permission to ride in the Green Mountain National Forest. By working with them and the area snowmobile clubs we were given permission to ride on 35 miles of trails. By continuing a strong relationship with both groups we now work side by side on trail maintenance, conservation and stewardship of our forests. The Vermont Trail Trotters quickly grew from 5 charter members to over 140 members to date in just 2 years. With this strong base of membership we are able to provide over 230 hours of volunteer work on trail maintenance and VTT sponsored events.

When asked how the new partnership between the Green Mountain National Forest and the Vermont Trail Trotters was viewed by them, Alex Sienkiewicz, District Ranger had this to say, "The Manchester Ranger District of the Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forest has found great success in working in partnership with the Vermont Trail Trotters to provide enjoyable and sustainable equestrian opportunities on the forest. The Trail Trotters have been patient, cooperative, communicative, and understanding of our sometimes complex processes. They have responded with enthusiasm to our requests for support in addressing such resource concerns as noxious weed treatment, erosion control, and trail maintenance. Above all, they are good, public-service oriented people with a love for public lands and a vision for their sustainable management. It has been a wonderful partnership."

It is this invaluable perception that spurs VTT towards attaining more riding opportunities within the vast network of trails afforded by our state and to help support other groups in the same endeavor.

VTT Advisory Board for 2015

The following are members of Vermont Trail Trotter's Advisory Board. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and experience lend themselves to promoting VTT and yearly events.

Kathleen Dunn • Pat Dwyer • Jan Lingner • Willene Martin • Kelley Rich • Joanne Singerle • Lorraine Thurber